About Us

Our centers follow the rules and regulations laid out by the Ministry of Education and the city of Ottawa.

Children’s Universe Daycare Centres has been serving the Ottawa community since 2002, after the opening of our newest centre in Kanata North, we will have a capacity of 412 spaces in total, offering quality childcare in the following communities: Arnprior, Blackburn Hamlet, Kanata and Queenswood Heights Orleans

Children's Universe offers a warm, creative, inclusive, and nurturing environment, which enables children to grow and develop as unique and healthy individuals. Our focus is on development and enrichment of the "whole child" which involves meeting the developmental needs of every child as he or she grows socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Children learn to respect and appreciate themselves as well as others and the world around them. We believe that parents are the child's first teachers and so we strongly encourage parent involvement. Families receive a monthly newsletter via email and we encourage communication between home and Daycare.

Daily activities encourage positive growth through a combination of teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities. The curriculum is based on a multi-disciplinary thematic approach to learning. Children learn through unstructured play as they create, construct, and consider through meaningful experiences. We do a lot of playing, reading, singing, creating, sharing, and basic communication through active play with one another. Children sharpen their senses, perceive patterns and relationships, classify, compare and organize their world through our activities and materials. 

Our dedicated and talented staff works to foster the academic and personal growth of your child in partnership with you.

We can provide assistance with toilet training. We start our introduction to toilet training at 18 months of age. Our staff will work directly with the child and the parent to encourage a smooth transition from diaper to underwear. As an end result, you will save money on diapers and wipes and your child will build self confidence.

If you wish to pursue an application with us, we urge you not to lose time. We would be glad to meet with you, answer any questions you may have, introduce you to our staff and give you a tour of our facility. Please contact a Supervisor in your area to schedule and appointment today!