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Our Objectives

Health, Safety and Nutrition

Ensure health, safety and nutrition policies and practices protect children's well being, and foster healthy child development.

Management will:
· Establish health, safety and nutrition policies that are consistent with legal requirements.
· Ensure health, safety and nutrition policies are clearly explained to all parents guardians.
· Review all reports concerning health, safety and nutrition that are sent to regulatory authorities.


Ensure that a high quality, inclusive Early Childhood Education program is developed and implemented by Registered Early Childhood Educators and their assistants that compliments parents/guardians' childrearing responsibilities.

Management will
· Support curriculum policies that reflect the centre's non-sexist, anti-racist values and strive to support children's optimum development and learning.
· Establish admission and attendance policies that are equitable and consistently applied.
· Support parental/guardian involvement in the centre.
· Support parents/guardians' ability to participate in their children's early learning and development.
· Consider the annual program review report prepared by the supervisor and program staff.
· Solicit feedback by designing and administering parent/guardian and staff questionnaires.

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