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Our Objectives (cont'd)


Ensure that fair personnel policies are established and maintained.

Management will
· Negotiate salaries each year that reflect job responsibilities and necessary skills as much as possible within the financial realities of the centre.
· Establish benefits that promote staff well being.
· Set out working conditions that establish hours of work and overtime.
· Establish employment procedures and monitor consistent implementation.
· Determine staff responsibilities in the job descriptions.
· Carry out a supervisor’s annual performance review.
· Encourage staff to participate in staff development opportunities.
· Establish a behaviour guidance policy that is reviewed upon hiring, reviewed annually, and conduct Behaviour Management Monitoring Evaluations and review with staff on a quarterly basis.
· Enter into a contractual agreement with each staff member through a letter of employment 
· Set out personnel policies and information about the centre’s history, organization and program in a personnel handbook.


Management will
· Establish fee collection policies that are consistently implemented 

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