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Our Objectives (cont'd)

Community Outreach

Ensure favourable external relations for the centre and contribute to community well being.

Management will

· Ensure that the centre co-ordinates program activities with schools, social services, and other community organizations.
· Carry out a public relations program in the community.
· Participate in community organizations.
· Monitor and respond to government initiatives.
Participate in community initiatives to expand early child development


Ensure that the centre meets all legal requirements.

Management will
· Assure compliance with municipal, provincial and federal legal requirements.
· Keep the incorporation documentation and by-laws up-to-date
· Review the provincial license renewal report and all other inspectors' reports
· Review the purchase-of-service agreement with the municipality.
· Renew insurance annually after reviewing terms to ensure adequate coverage.
· Review the terms of the rental lease agreement.
· Install, implement, operate and review the record-keeping system.

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